Local emergency management is preparing for Elsa


VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Thursday turned out to be a slow day by the ocean as beachgoers cleaned up the sand for Tropical Storm Elsa.

However, a little further up the fishing pier, Kenneth West took advantage of the wind and rain.

“When the water gets rough, the fish start to bite,” said Angler West.

Visiting from Wilson, North Carolina, the self-proclaimed “hardcore fisherman” aims more than Elsa.

“[We’re looking for] big puppy drums and speckled trout and round heads. We normally do pretty well here on the surf, ”he said with his fishing rod in hand.

Between the afternoon showers, other anglers like Danny Roberts also dropped a line.

“The lightning stops us but the rain doesn’t, so we’re just trying to get out here in the wilderness and do what we’re doing,” the Virginia Beach resident said.

Emergency management teams also “do what they do” by following Elsa as she gets closer.

Jim Redick, Norfolk’s director of emergency preparedness and response, said his team is making sure their plans are in sync.

“Elsa gives us a primary opportunity to really go over our plans and act like it’s going to be a direct hit,” Redick said.

Fortunately for our region, experts said it shouldn’t be as bad as past storms.

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However, for those who are visiting and hiding, Roberts said: “I would say if you are here as a guest. Hang out. Hang out – you know, pass up, stay the weekend and don’t let it get you down. to run away.”

Each city has its own warning system, so it’s a good idea to download them before the storm hits.

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