Ladder launches its first brand campaign designed to reach a new generation of consumers


Developed in partnership with AdAge 2020 Newcomer Agency of the Year FRED & FARID, and directed by award-winning director and costume designer Casey Storm (from Spike Jonze and David Fincher credits), Ladder’s “So Good” campaign revolves around a unique perspective on consumers: nearly one in two couples with life insurance joke about opting out for payment, according to a recent survey of over 3,000 respondents.

Centered on a family who tricked their home, the spot shows dad expertly navigating his normal day-to-day life of dynamite sticks and children’s archery bows, while lovingly entertaining his very “creative” family. . The ad seems immediately accessible, but completely unexpected. It is this combination of familiarity and surprise that allows the brand to cut through the noise in a unique way.

“So Good is all we were looking for: it’s memorable, it’s relatable, but most importantly, it’s different.” noted Olivia borsje, vice president of marketing at Ladder. “Taking a new and innovative approach to advertising helps signal that our product is also fresh and innovative. The brand’s promise is incredibly strong and resonates with a generation of consumers who feel like life insurance wasn’t designed for them.

“It’s rare these days to have a client who fights as much for a courageous creative idea as the creative team. You can’t help but dedicate yourself to their success,” the FRED & FARID team said. Los Angeles.

“The concept made me laugh out loud. I felt like it was comical, bold and distinctly unique in the commercial,” said Casey Storm. “It was an opportunity to make a short film that would be watchable and re-watchable, and make the viewer laugh. I wanted to make life insurance more accessible and less overwhelming.”

Ladder’s mission is to buy back life insurance for digital consumers, making it as accessible, affordable and valued as it should be. In part, that means making the conversation about life insurance easier, which can seem daunting. By reflecting their own humor, Ladder allows viewers to open up this conversation in a way that feels familiar to them.

Ladder’s “So Good” spot now airs nationwide on television networks and streaming platforms, including Hulu, Roku and Tubi.

About the ladder
Ladder is the digital life insurance company of tomorrow. Offering flexible term coverage in minutes that can save policyholders up to 40% *, Ladder uses a fully digital architecture and real-time underwriting to make life insurance as accessible, affordable and popular as it is. it should be. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and provides coverage up to $ 8 million in all 50 states. To learn more, visit

FRED & FARID is a goal-driven company that produces meaningful ideas, anchoring brands in culture. Situated at Los Angeles, new York, Paris, Shanghai, the culture of FRED & FARID is a particular blend of the French sense of craftsmanship and taste, the Chinese sense of tactics and digital, and the American sense of vision and strategy. The agency focuses on creative advice, branding, branding, content and social activation, and has produced more than 1,800 creative campaigns for more than 250 brands in more than 33 industries, winning more than 1,000 prizes and more than 30 titles in the sector, including the Cannes Grand Prix and D&AD 3rd. Independent network.

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Ad title: “SO BON”

Brand: Scale
Vice President Marketing: Olivia borsje
Brand Marketing Manager: Casey Dubie
Marketing director: Conor Coughlan
Communication director : corwin liana

Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles
Creative Directors: Fred and Farid
Creative Director: Chelsea steiger
Entrepreneur: Nathan Smith
Editor: Hilary smith

Brand strategist: Jess neill
Executive producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
Producer: Kristin childers

Production company: Kapsized
Director: Casey Storm
Executive producer: Jed herold
Executive producer: Scott kaplan
DP: Jake polonsky
Producer: John gilliland

Editorial: EXIL
Editor: Matt Murphy
Assistant editor: Eduardo Wong
Executive producer: CL Kumpata
TO JUMP: Jennifer locke
Post-producer: David won

Color: CO3
Senior Colorist: Sean coleman
Main producer: Matt Moran

Visual effects: Parliament
Finishing: Cosmo Street
Taylor Armstrong – Head of the VFX / Finishing department

Composer: John gold/ Women of Big On

Sound mixing: Lime Studios
Mixer: Sam Casas
Executive producer: Susie boyajan

Ladder Insurance Services, LLC (CA license # OK22568; AR license # 3000140372) distributes term life insurance products issued by multiple insurers – for details see All insurance products are governed by the conditions set out in the applicable insurance policy. Each insurer has financial responsibility for its own products.

* Premium savings compared to the same client keeping the full amount of their coverage during the term of the policy. Savings from decreasing coverage every three years for the life of the policy over a period of $ 1.4M, 20-year policy. Prices valid from June 15, 2021.

SOURCE scale

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