Boise ID Pets Best Insurance explodes during pandemic


If you own or have ever owned a pet, you know that vet visits can be a bit… expensive. This is why many Americans are turning to pet health insurance.

One of the best pet insurance companies in the country is located here in Boise.

Pets Best Insurance’s national paw-ffice office is located off Vista Ave with over 100 local employees.

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Pets Best founder Dr. Jack Stephens is “widely regarded as the ‘founding father’ of the pet insurance industry in the United States,” according to the company. He started and then sold the first pet insurance company in the United States in the early 1980s. Years later Greg McDonald, who owned and ran a successful insurance company in Twin Falls and Boise , joined Stephens to launch Pets Best in Boise in 2005.

Today, more than 350,000 dogs and cats in the United States have the best pet insurance that can cover accidents, illnesses, and sometimes routine care. According to Pets Best, the company has paid more than $ 200 million in claims to date.

Idahoans and Pet Insurance

“A lot of people at Boise have pet insurance, even though our marketing efforts are spread across the country,” said vice president of marketing Walter Haugland.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Idaho over-indexes pet ownership relative to population.

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“I think it also reflects how much the people of Boise love their pets! It makes sense – with great access to walking and hiking trails and dog-friendly businesses downtown – Boise is a great place for Pets Best, ”Haughland said.

Today’s Veterinary Business reported in October that 11.38 million U.S. households have adopted a new pet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The industry has grown in recent years and grown significantly in the wake of the pandemic as more people have adopted pets and have become more interested in making sure they plan their pet’s future health needs, ”Haughland said.

For more information on Pets Best Insurance, go to their site here.


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