2021 Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Missouri


Missouri is serious about its auto laws. The last thing a driver wants is to get pulled over without proper auto insurance, especially if he’s involved in an accident. For anyone who wants to drive legally but is on a budget, your best bet is to research the cheapest auto insurance policies. Here, we’ve combed through the auto insurance companies to find the best Missouri auto insurance with low cost options.

  • The cheapest for typical drivers: United States
  • The cheapest for the military: United States
  • The cheapest for teenage drivers: United States
  • The cheapest for senior drivers: United States
  • The cheapest for drivers looking for minimum coverage: United States

The cheapest for typical drivers

When it comes to cheap car insurance in Missouri, USAA is the big winner – on every level, in fact. With an average annual rate of $ 933, USAA leaves most insurers in the dust. Because USAA is only available to military personnel and their families, the following best options are:

  • Progressive, with an average annual rate of $ 1,405
  • State Farm, with an average rate of $ 1,433
  • Nationally, with a relatively competitive rate of $ 1,589

The cheapest for the military

One small way for Missouri auto insurance companies to thank servicemen and their families for their sacrifice is to give them a break from auto insurance. Once again, USAA offers the cheapest auto insurance in Missouri, with an annual rate of $ 980 for service members and their families.

Again, because not everyone qualifies for a USAA policy, here are some other insurance companies with affordable rates:

  • Progressive, with a rate of $ 1,256
  • State Farm, offering an average annual rate of $ 1,433
  • Nationally, with an average rate of $ 1,600

The cheapest for teenage drivers

It is undeniable that insurers charge more to insure teenagers and young drivers. As high as the following premiums may seem, they are far lower than those of many insurance companies. One of the best Missouri auto insurance companies for inexperienced young drivers is again USAA. USAA offers teens an average annual rate of $ 2,016.

Even though they are more expensive than USAA, these three carriers still beat the rest of the pack:

  • State Farm, with an annual rate of $ 3,483
  • Nationally, with a rate of $ 4,355
  • American Family, offering an average annual rate of $ 4,367

The cheapest for senior drivers

One of the perks of getting older is that you have years of driving experience under your belt. For this reason, some of the most affordable auto insurance rates in Missouri are available to seniors. Again, one of the best insurance companies in Missouri is USAA. Current and former members of the military (of a certain age) can get a rate of around $ 980 per year.

Other candidates for cheap auto insurance include:

  • Progressive, with an average annual rate of $ 1,189
  • State Farm, offering a competitive annual rate of $ 1,274
  • Nationally, completing the top four with an average annual rate of $ 1,333

Cheaper for drivers looking for minimal coverage

At the very least, drivers should have minimum state-mandated coverage. It won’t fix their car if they are involved in an accident, but it may prevent them from being sued if they are involved in an accident. Drivers looking for inexpensive liability insurance in Missouri have four competitive options. The first is USAA, with an average annual rate of $ 267.

Those who do not qualify for USAA coverage still have three valid options. They are:

  • Farm Bureau Town & Country, with an average annual rate of $ 411
  • Progressive, offering a low rate of $ 425
  • State Farm, also in the game with an average rate of $ 450

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Missouri Compared to National Average

The average Missouri auto insurance rate is exactly the same as the national average auto rate: $ 2,646.

Missouri Auto Insurance Laws

Missouri auto insurance laws are serious business. If a driver is stopped and cannot provide proof of insurance, they can expect one of the following penalties, depending on the reason they were stopped:

  • Four points assessed against their driving record
  • Supervisory order issued against the driver to ensure that liability insurance is purchased and remains up to date. The court will likely order an SR-22, a form provided by an insurance company that serves as proof that the driver is insured. The driver is responsible for paying any additional charges associated with the SR-22.
  • The court can suspend his right to drive and the driver can be ordered to pay costs ranging from $ 20 to $ 400.

Missouri minimum coverage requirements

Drivers seeking minimum Missouri auto insurance should wear the following:

  • $ 25,000 bodily injury or death of a person
  • $ 50,000 total for bodily injury or death liability
  • $ 10,000 in property damage
  • $ 25,000 per person and $ 50,000 per accident, coverage for uninsured motorists

How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance In Missouri

The goal is to obtain an insurance policy with the highest level of coverage at the lowest price. Drivers can help themselves by looking for the following:

Driving record

Insurance companies seem to believe that looking into the past is the best way to predict the future. This is why they consider driving records when they offer a higher price. The cleaner the disc, the lower the premium. One of the easiest ways for a driver to get a low auto insurance quote is to keep their driving record clean.

Credit score

Studies show that drivers with high credit scores tend to make fewer insurance claims. And this is the reason why an insurance company will run a driver’s credit score before quoting a premium. Simply put, the higher the credit score, the lower the premium. Any driver whose credit score makes it difficult to earn a low annual insurance premium may want to focus on improving their score so they can take advantage of lower rates.


As drivers say, “How much does auto insurance cost in Missouri?” They’ll probably wonder if there are ways to reduce the annual premium. There are. Insurance companies offer a wide range of discounts on auto insurance. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Good student discount
  • Defensive driver discount
  • Full payment remittance
  • Discounts outside of school
  • Professional discount
  • Alumni discount
  • Professional organization discount
  • Discount on safety function
  • Discount based on usage
  • Multi-car discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • New car discount

Other things to consider when looking for auto insurance in Missouri

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that one in six Missouri drivers are on the road without insurance. When comparing auto insurance quotes in Missouri, drivers should carefully determine which company offers the highest level of coverage at the lowest price. And because 1 in 6 people drive without coverage, they should pay close attention to the levels of uninsured motorist coverage available to them.


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